So while making my Carrie poster, I actually made two. This is the other one!


Misery! Anyhoo, again, another one in which I prefer the piece WITHOUT the tagline, which would’ve been: You just another lying ol’ dirty birdy! Or, maybe: Well, that’s an oogie mess! OR!: Forgive me for prattling away and making you feel all oogie. Think I like that last one best…


I’ve decided, at the moment, to leave this piece without the quote, which would be: Do you have the slightest idea what a moral and ethical principle is? That or: I’m just going to bash your brains in!


Oh poor Carrie!

#darktower  #noirbizarre sorry new to this hope the picture works, this is my ink of the dark tower series, with the unfound symbols, rose, ka, bends of the rainbow, maturin with the eye of the crimson king,  key and lock of the unfound door, pistol with the white and black 13 and finally a bee from the bear in the woods scene…pictures not great but hope u like, by holly @ noir bizarre, hull

Spray paint on canvas made custom for me by my cousin Joshua Moonshine in Wildwood, NJ.

Itself represented by a red balloon coming out of the deadlights, and surrounded by a spider web.


distopiamoloko whispered: Hey can you send a link to the gif in your dashbord? Pleaseee i want it so bad!!!!


Here - Enjoy!

Anonymous whispered: Check out instagram tag "darktower". There is much more cool tattoos

Thanks for the tip!


"The Shining" was boring. I know everybody says you’ve got to see it as a Kubrick film, not a King story, but it was still bad. At least the scene with the guy in the dog mask makes sense once you’ve read the book!"

It’s all healed and lookin good next up the crimson king on my other side

omg under the dome tho

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souloil whispered: And, what do you think about cell? Stephen King is my favorite writer, and i love all of his books (even the last ones) but there's something with cell... I just couldn't get into it.

Ah, I really liked Cell, but only because I love zombie-type stories. I’m really looking forward to the movie.