"boom" and "bool", from Lisey’s Story.

thegoddamnriddler whispered: Hello, I just wanted to tell you how much I love your blog. It gives me ideas for Dark Tower tattoos I might want later.

thegoddamnriddler, thank you so much!

The brazilian portuguese version of Lisey’s SOWISA

Anonymous whispered: Can anyone tell me where the KA symbol came from? I'm about to start reading Wolves Of The Calla and was just curious if it's an illustration in one of the books or is it something a fan made? Thanks!

I can’t remember which book or edition it’s in. Followers? 

This is after the third session on my Dark Tower half sleeve.



For those of you who celebrate Halloween early.


The great thing about Stephen King is that no matter what type of story you’re into, he’s probably written at least one.

Like romance stories? How about Lisey’s Story

Coming of age stories? The Body

Stories with strong female characters? Dolorous Claiborne

Major internal conflicts? The Shining

Dramatic thrillers? Rage

And let’s not forget horror.

King is so prolific and talented, that there’s something in his catalog for everyone, these are just scratching the surface, and it’s really a shame when people assume all that he writes is horror

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