Took a quiz where I had to type out all Stephen King novels written up to 2013 from memory in ten minutes. The ones in red I missed (I’ve read them, but couldn’t think of them in time). Click here to take it yourself!

nowisdasick whispered: get a swag tattoo



I decided on my next tattoo

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Submit it to us when you get it done!


My Dark Tower / Battlestar Galactica wing. =]

The first tattoo for my Stephen King sleeve.

By Juan Nava at First Love Tattoo

Eye of the Crimson King on my left arm, 1 day old.

By Dusty Neal at Black Anvil in Ft Wayne, Indiana.

Ka can be considered to be a guide, a destination, but is certainly not a plan - at least, not one that is known to mortals. Ka is not necessarily a force of good or evil; it manipulates both sides, and seems to have no definite morality of its own


one of my classmates has got two Stephen King related tattoos on his arm :) Here they are!

the cover of Cell and of course the clown from It

Rose madder, the langoliers, the shining, the dark tower, crimson king, dreamcatcher

The Dark Tower

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